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INTERVIEW: Cass Tech (MI) RB Jaren Mangham

By Nate Bucsko, 08/18/17, 12:00AM EDT


Nate Bucsko: How does you game as a bigger back compare to that of smaller running backs?

Jaren Mangham: Well me as a big running back I move like a smaller running back, but being a bigger back helps me see over the line and I'm able to play a lot more positions like slot or H back.

NB: Who inspires you on and off the field?

JM: My granny; she keeps my head in the right direction and keeps me motivated.

NB: What do you like to do off the field to relax?

JM: I play video games and just chill with my brothers.

NB: Playing in Michigan are either the Wolverines or Spartans places you see yourself playing in at the next level?

JM: Yes I can definitely see myself playing with the Spartans.

NB: Is there an aspect of your game you feel is underrated and have worked to get even stronger?

JM: My speed and explosiveness. I have worked on those two things the entire offseason.

NB: What do you see yourself doing personally and professionally after football is over?

JM: I'm not sure yet but something with business.

NB: What motivates you to be great on the field?

JM: My family is what motivates me to be great on the field and give my best at all times.

NB: Which pro player do you most look up to or identify with?

JM: Le'Veon Bell is who I study because I have similar traits that he had.

NB: If you could describe your game in one sentence what would it be?

JM: I can do it all.