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INTERVIEW: No. 13 East (UT) DB Jaylon Vickers

By Nate Bucsko, 08/17/17, 10:15AM EDT


As one of the top defensive backs in the state of Utah, Jaylon Vickers of East (UT) was already going to have a target on his back. However, for this transfer from powerhouse Bingham, that target will have a special meaning when Vickers goes up against his former teammates.

D1 Gridiron's Nate Bucsko spoke with the rising senior about the factors that made the transfer a reality and how he's adjusted to his new squad.

Nate Bucsko: What was one area you really focused on this offseason to get better and prepare for 2017?

Jaylon Vickers: This offseason I really focused on improving my technique, so I can be in a better position when making a play on the ball when at the DB position and working on my speed.

NB: What pro or college players inspire you?

JV: Jeremy Reaves from South Alabama. I like how he plays bigger than what he is and he competes. Him and I are both small so yeah I really look up to him.

NB: What's your pregame routine?

JV: I listen to music, mostly Meek Mill and I pray right before I come out of the locker room.

NB: What was the biggest factor in you transferring from Bingham to East?

JV: That's a tough one. There is a lot of reasons but the main reason is because my dad works over at East and he helps coach the football team. Also, I loved the things I've heard about the East program before I made my decision. The coaching staff, the players, etc they are a great bunch of people.

NB: How has having your dad be around the game helped your development as a player?

JV: It's helped out a lot. Not necessarily developing me as player as far as my position but with him just being there and being around every day at practice is definitely pretty cool and helps me out a lot.

NB: What do you hope to get a degree in at the next level? Career after ball is done?

JV: I want to get a criminal justice degree. I plan on being a detective once ball is all said and done with.

NB: What's something you like to do to relax off the field?

JV: I just watch a lot of football. Whether it's game film, football games, or players highlights.

NB: What do you feel is your biggest weakness that you are working hardest at?

JV: Always being confident in myself. I feel like my athletic ability is there but what messes me up sometimes is not having that confidence in myself at times and this off season I've work hard at that.

NB: If there's one thing as a player you want known after this season what would it be?

JV: That I'm one of the best players in state of Utah and even the country. Not saying that in a cocky way in any way shape or form, it’s just what I believe.